Orthopedic 2021
Francisco jose sobrino serrano

FREMAP Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery, Spain

Thank you very much for your words Laura Regarding the opinion, indicate that I have found a Congress with a good scientific level. I will be happy to continue to be present at your Scientific Congress.

Orthopedic 2021
Aladen Nizar Mohammed Abuharfiel

Royal Commission Medical Center, KSA

Dear Laura Valentin Orthopedics 2021 was a great chance for me to meet orthopedic researchers of different levels of experience from all over the world. Absolutely this meeting has added to my knowledge a lot of practical guidelines. I shouldn’t hide that I worked hardly to get my presentation ready and to make it updated, informative and evidence-based by reviewing more than 80 articles. Thank you again and good luck with all your events.

Orthopedic 2021
Yakov Perper

Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, USA

Hi, Laura! Thank you for your warm words and for the perfectly organized meeting. It was a great experience both with meeting and with time spent in Vienna.

Orthopedic 2021
Andrejs Elksni?s Finogejevs

Riga Stradins University, Latvia

Hello, Laura! I would like to thank you for a well-organized conference in Vienna and for the opportunity to take part in such event. In the future, if I have the opportunity, I would be happy to attend such a conference again. I could also give advice and help to improve this meeting in future.

Orthopedic 2021
Anton Alexander Nolte Peterlin

Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Dear Laura, The conference was enjoyable and insightful for new research around the world. The facilities were great and good atmosphere. It was a pleasure to present my research and learn how others are having the way in the scientific community.

Orthopedic 2021
Dina M Soliman

American Academy Association of Orthopedic Medicine, Egypt

Dear Laura Thank you so much for having me in the fruitful annual conference of orthopedic surgeons at Vienna, 2021. It was a pleasure for me to participate in this conference, all the speakers were very passionate with their lectures and everyone was caring about learning new stuff in the orthopedic and pain management field. The conference covered new topics and techniques very helpful for any pain management physician to know.