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Valeriy Murylev

Valeriy Murylev

State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: Long-term results of navigated total knee replacement in complex cases


Introduction: Navigated TKA is still discussable in the literature. Now orthop?edic surgeons research robotic technologies in TKA. Materials and methods: From 2008 we performed more than 1500 navigated TKA with different deformities. We isolated two groups of patients: 150 navigated TKA and 150 convenient replacements. We divided each group in 3 parts with severe (>20 0) varus, valgus (>20 0) and extraarticular deformities, 50 patients in each group. Mean follow up time in booth groups was 86 months (from 78 to 252). The functional result was evaluated by KSS, Oxford and WOMAC scales. We analyzed navigation protocols in navigated groups. The implant survival evaluated by revision at any reason. Results and discussion: we identified mean implant survival in navigated groups: varus- 92,3%, valgus – 86,4 %, extraarticular deformities - 88,7%. In control group: varus- 89,4%, valgus – 82,4 %, extraarticular deformities - 80,3%. The scales showed better results in navigated groups. The main reason for revision was aseptic loosening, the second reason was infection, and it was almost equal in all groups. Moreover, greater difference was between valgus and extraarticular groups. In valgus deformity additional hyperextension was isolated in 36 cases in navigated group. Navigated distal femur resection can be done more proper by navigation. In extraarticular group the proper cuts by navigation system were proofed by navigation protocols. 
The grate difference in 8,4% of loosening in control group can be explainable, because in extraarticular deformity it is difficult to do the proper cuts and balancing.


Valeriy Murylev has completed his MD at the age of 28 years from Moscow Medical Academy I.M.Sechenov, Russian Federation and PHD at the age of 39 years from Sechenov University, Russian Federation. I have 138 publications cited over 400 times. His  Russian publication index is 11, Scopus h-index is 4. I served in Russian journals in editorial board and served as a reviewer in several international journals. I’m professor and the head of Moscow city joint arthroplasty center in Botkin’s Hospital in Moscow from 2006.