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Safa Hamdy Alkalash

Safa Hamdy Alkalash

Umm Al-Qura University, KSA

Title: Public Knowledge of Osteoarthritis in Al-Qunfudah Governorate, Saudi Arabia


Background: Joint pain is one of the most frequent complaints among adults and older people in primary healthcare settings worldwide. There are many causes for joint pain, but osteoarthritis (OA) is so far the most prevalent form of arthritis that causes joint pain. It can attack almost any joint, but the most frequently affected joints are the hands, knees, hips, and spine. This study aimed to identify public knowledge of OA and its associative variables in Al-Qunfudah governorate, Saudi Arabia. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive community-based study was carried out among the general population in the Al-Qunfudah governorate. The research data were collected over two months, from November to December 2022, via an Arabic version of a self-administrated online survey of 29 items. Results: A total of 746 respondents were included in this study. The majority of them were female (78%). The age group of 18–29 was predominant. In terms of education, 69.9% held university degrees. The overall participants' knowledge of OA was poor at 36.1%, fair at 36.8%, and good at 26.9%. The associative variables with better participants' knowledge were: holding university degrees (P = 0.021), being a student (P<0.001) and living in urban areas (P=0.020), having a normal BMI (P = 0.018), and depending on school topics as a source of information (P<0.001). Good knowledge was significantly higher among healthy individuals and non-smokers (P<0.001) for each variable. Conclusion: This study reveals the lack of knowledge of osteoarthritis among the general population in Al-Qunfudah governorate, Saudi Arabia. Being a student, being university educated, being from urban areas, and having a normal BMI were all associative factors with good knowledge. Therefore, this study highlights the necessity for providing awareness and educational campaigns for the public, focusing on the rural population.


Safa Alkalash has completed her MD at the age of 32 years from Menoufia University, Egypt. She associate professor and consultant of family medicine at Menoufia University, Egypt and assistant professor at community and health care department, College of medicine, Umm Al-Qura University, KSA. She has over 45 publications that have been cited over 164 times, and her publication h-index is 6. She has been serving as an editorial board member of one reputed journal.