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Debora Joanna Gamarra Leimann

Debora Joanna Gamarra Leimann

Asociación Argentina de Ortopedia y Traumatología (AAOT), Argentina

Title: La invisibilidad del costo socioeconómico en el trauma por siniestros viales


The constant and progressive increasing of mortality and incapacity produced by traffic is, today, recognized as an endemic problem of Public Health in national and global level. WHO and multiple organizations work together to achieve a systematic record of road accidents and their consequences in terms of morbidity and mortality. The purpose is to generate information that contributes to decision-making in management and coordination of strategies to address this problem. The AAOT, through the creation of the CMM a decade ago, has promoted the generation of a national registry of trauma injuries. Our second report (based on the surveys accumulated from 2017 to July 2020) has as general objective to describe the data collected in relation to trauma injuries caused in traffic accidents. However, the specific objective is to promote the incorporation of reliable and systematic record systems in out trauma services. We call to renew the commitment of all institutions at national level, nucleated in this Association in the task of collecting epidemiological data that finally will allow us to improve the scientific validity of our practice and, therefore, of the publications of our specialty.


Débora J. Gamarra Leimann is a medical doctor graduated from the Favaloro University, since she was 24 years old, and specialist in Orthopedy Traumatology since she was 28, from the University of Buenos Aires. He has worked in multiple hospitals in this city treating traumatic injuries and in recent years has created the chronic pain management department, at CARM, a foundation that provides health services to the community. She has been participating for more than 4 years in the AAOT morbidity and mortality committee, involved with projects that unify the records of road trauma injuries together with the ANSV.