Virtual Conference
Andrii P. L?abakh

Andrii P. Liabakh

The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Ukraine

Title: Evans-mosca calcaneal osteotomy in the treatment of flexible flatfoot in children


Objective: To study the radiological, functional and clinical results of Evans-Mosca calcaneal lengthening osteotomy in children with symptomatic flexible flatfoot (FF).

Material and methods: Retrospective study includes 13 patients (19 cases) with FF from 8 to 16 years (mean 12 ± 0.7 years) who undertaken lengthening calcaneal osteotomy by Evans-Mosca. There were 10 boys and 3 girls.  The parents of all patients gave informed consent to be included in the study. X-ray dynamics was assessed by loading radiographs in antero-posterior, lateral and axial projections before surgery; 4, 8 weeks after surgery and during follow-up examination. Foot function before and after surgery was assessed on the AOFAS scale (hindfoot and ankle), Foot Function Index (17-I FFI, Italian version), VAS (pain).

Results: In all cases pronounced cosmetic, radiological and functional effects were marked. All patients and their parents were satisfied with the result of surgery. The improvement in radiological and functional parameters were significant (p ? 0,001), paired t-test.

Conclusion: Lengthening calcaneal osteotomy by Evans-Mosca technique is an effective operation in the treatment of symptomatic FF in children. It provides a reduction in pain, excellent clinical and radiological results. The advantages of lengthening calcaneal osteotomy by Evans-Mosca are simple surgical technique and low risk of neurovascular complications.


Andrii P. Liabakh is the Head of Foot Pathology dpt. in SI “ITO NAMS of Ukraine”. The main directions of his work are related to foot reconstructions, orthopaedic complications of diabetes, amputations of the limbs. He is the scientific editor of the journal “Terra Orthopaedica”.