Virtual Conference

Alessandro Lelli

Villa Regina Hospital, Italy

Title: KNEE LIGAMENTS: Clinical examination with Lelli Test


Physical examination of the knee. A review of the original test description and scientific validity of common orthopedic tests. The clinical diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is based on 3 tests: anterior drawer, pivot shift and Lachman. The latter is the most commonly used test. The “Lelli test” is a new clinical test that was first described by Lelli in 2014. Objectives: To present the original descriptions of common orthopedic physical examination maneuvers of the knee and then to review the literature to support the scientific validity of these tests. Physical examination is essential in the diagnosis of any medical problem, including musculoskeletal pathology. Given the large number of patients who consult physicians because of musculoskeletal complaints, it is important that physicians truly understand how to perform the various musculoskeletal tests that are commonly used in clinical practice and that they understand the significance of the test results. In general, chronic, complete tears were most successfully diagnosed but acute, partial tears were least successfully diagnosed. The Lelli Test is more sensitive to correctly diagnosing both acute and partial tears of the ACL compared with other common manual tests. The clinical relevance is that some ACL ruptures may be more accurately diagnosed.


Dr. Alessandro Lelli is an Italian orthopedic surgeon; his is specialized in knee surgery. His interests are articular knee and ankle reconstruction, ligament knee reconstruction, prosthesis surgery, growth factor and stem cell implant; his clinical records are over 36.000 knee surgery. Dr. Lelli creates the "Lellu Test" known as "The Lever Sign" a new clinical test for the diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Dr. Lelli has taken part in a lot of National and International congresses as a speaker and participant. He collaborates with some Pharmacology European and American Company for which he teaches in training courses. Furthermore, Dr. Lelli is a consultant for some sport association, in particularly, in basketball teams.