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Vasyl Suvorov

Vasyl Suvorov

NAMS of Ukraine, Ukraine

Title: Non-surgical treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip


Background: if non-surgical treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) fails or if DDH is late-detected, surgery is necessary. Salter pelvic osteotomy (SPO) is an effective surgical option for such cases. Objectives: to study the results after SPO; to evaluate risk factors; to reveal radiological parameters that may correlate with results. Methods: results analysis in 17 patients (22 hips). Risk factors included those that do not depend on the surgeon (patient's age, value of the acetabular index (AI) preoperatively, DDH Tonnis grade) and those that depend on the surgeon (amount of AI correction). To radiological parameters which may correlate with the amount of AI correction we referred distance "d" and the lateral rotation angle. Results: SPO allows performing AI correction in ranges 24.1 ± 6.5°. Excellent and good clinical results were obtained in 95.5% of patients; excellent and good radiological results in 86.4% of patients. Risk factors that do not depend on the surgeon were older patient’s age and higher preoperative AI values (p <0.05). The risk factor that depends on the surgeon was the amount of AI correction (p <0.05). The distance "d" was recognized as a radiological parameter that may indicate sufficient AI correction (p <0.05). Conclusion: in older patients with a higher preoperative AI value the results will be predictably worse. The surgeon may influence the result with a greater amount of AI correction (which may also be indicated radiologically by the distance "d" values).
Level of evidence – IV, therapeutic, case series


Vasyl Suvorov is a PhD-student at SI «The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics by NAMS of Ukraine», Ukraine. The goal of his dissertation work is to investigate the biomechanical changes during different pelvic osteotomies for DDH treatment in patients under 6 years old and to analyze postoperative results. He has presented 3 oral presentations and published 15 papers (1 in Scopus database journal); 2 more papers are already accepted for publishing (1 in Scopus database journal). He is an active AO and UAOT member and has attended international conferences, courses and workshops dedicated to traumatology and orthopedics.