Virtual Conference
Rene Catan

Rene Catan

Southwestern University, Philippines

Title: The fibonacci spiral in determining articulating implant surface design for total knee arthroplasty


Fibonacci spiral is widely identified in non-biological fields such as mathematics, architecture and art, but not in human biology; an understanding of its functional role in human anatomy may be essential in making further advances in biomedical engineering specifically knee implant design. This study aims to explore whether the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Spiral approximate the shape of the distal femoral articular surface of the knee. Twenty-three 3D CT scan images of the distal knee were digitalized in 2D sagittal views and best fitted over with Fibonacci spirals computed from the knee antero-posterior dimensions. The differences between the means of the radii of the Fibonacci Spiral and the digitalized images on 5/6 subsectors where not significant at p<0.05 using Krus-Wallis Test covering 84% of the distal articulating surface. With the Fibonacci presenting three independent axes described a “L” shaped on the sagittal plane, these findings affirm the fixed, flexion-extension axes of knee kinematics.


Rene Catan is a professor at the Southwestern University School of Medicine in the Philippines. He is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with special interest in arthritis and total knee replacements and implant design. His field of research include biomaterial nano surfacing, implant small volume customization. He also travels extensively in the country advocating joint replacement access of Asian-specific knee designs. Currently, he is President/CEO of Arthrologic, Inc that produces 2-component simplified total knee system.