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Natalya Shikhaleva

Natalya Shikhaleva

Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific Research Center , Russian Federation

Title: History of the Ilizarovs wire-fixator, stages of the formation of hand surgery at the Ilizarov Center


Introduction: Hand surgery has its own history in each country, which is done by outstanding doctors and scientists. ?cademician G.A. Ilizarov is the founder of transosseous osteosynthesis ?mong such people.
Purpose of the work: To analyze the stages of formation and application of transosseous osteo-synthesis of the hand, proposed by Academician G.A. Ilizarov.
Methods. The process of creation and development of transosseous osteosynthesis of short tubular bones is analyzed. The main developers of inventions related to extrafocal osteosynthesis of hand bones are presented. The structural divisions of the Ilizarov Center, in which medical care was provided to patients with hand pathology, are noted.
Summing  up  the  above,  it  can  be  stated  that  the  period of development, testing and active use of the Ilizarov mini-fixator represents several time intervals.
1. The  period  of  comprehending  the  need  for  the  invention  of  an  external  fixation  device  for  short bones (1970s).
2. The period of appearance of the first models of the external fixation apparatus for short bones (1980–1983).
3. The period of the invention of the current design (1984).
4. The  period  of  widespread  introduction  of  the  lizarov mini-fixator (1984-2003).
5. The  period  of  combined  use  with  other  types of  surgical  interventions  (microsurgery,  hand  joint arthroplasty, prosthetics of tendons, various types of 
plasty  of  integumentary  tissues)  (from  2004  to  the present).
The range of scientific interests  of  Academician  G.A.  Ilizarov  also  included  one of the most difficult sections of traumatology and orthopedics, hand surgery. The presented inventions on transosseous osteosynthesis of the hand involve options for correcting various pathologies of this segment. Some of the inventions have been still used, others have only historical significance. The experience accumulated by G.A. Ilizarov and his disciples is invaluable because it was the basis for further developments in science and practical medicine.


In 1997 she was employed in the department of pathology of the foot and the hand of the Russian Scientific Center "Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics" (Kurgan).  Since January 2004 to the present time she is the head of the department of handpathology. During training and work in the center Shikhleva N. captured the main techniques transosseousosteosynthesis by Ilizarov, microsurgical operations, joint replacement techniques of the hand including wrist, and other methods of treatment of various pathologies. She operated personally more than two thousand orthopedic and trauma patients In 2004 she presented the dissertation research on "Treatment of congenital clubfoot in children aged from one to seven years by Transosseousosteosynthesis". She prepared 5 medical technology, 76 scientific publications, made 35 scientific reports on the regional and international conferences, developed 24 technical decisions made at the level of rationalization proposals, 2 inventions and 1 utility model. She received a scholarship of the 79th and 80th Congresses SOFCOT (France, 2004). In 2008, she received certificate of honor from the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. In 2013 she was awarded the "Excellence in Health Care". She hosted a course in "plastic surgery" in 2013. In 2013, she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation "Treatment of patients with an open hand and soft tissue injury of the distal third of the forearm using the method Transosseousosteosynthesis". She is one of the leading specialists in the hand surgery of the Russian Federation. Shikhaleva N. has the most experience in the application of transosseousosteosynthesis in the pathology of the hand, where this method is widely combined with microsurgery, plastic surgery