Virtual Conference

Mohamed Mohamed

University Hospitals Plymouth, United Kingdom

Title: Cutaneous Perineurioma: A Case Report


Perineuriomas, represent rare and distinct entity in the spectrum of nerve sheath tumours and composed almost exclusively of EMA (epithelial membrane antigen) positive cells, represent rare and distinct entity the spectrum of nerve sheath tumours. At present three subtypes, including intraneural and extraneural perineurioma as well as sclerosing perineurioma, can be distinguished; atypical and malignant perineuriomas are extremely uncommon. Here, we report a case of a 71-year-old man presenting a lesion on the middle finger of the left hand. The patient did not refer any previous trauma, tenderness, or sensorial nerve deficit. Histologic analysis showed a confined myxoid tumor made up of slender elongated spindle cells arranged in short thin fascicles with a somewhat storiform pattern. When using immunohistochemistry, the staining for EMA and CD34 was patchy, and there was no staining for S100. These characteristics led to the conclusion that the patient had cutaneous perineuroma.


Mohamed Ali Babiker Mohamed plastic surgery registrar at University Hospitals Plymouth. I received Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from university of Khartoum faculty of medicine and a membership from the royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh. Currently working with the Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department at University Hospitals Plymouth. I'm interested in skin oncology, microsurgery and hand surgey.