Virtual Conference

Michael Jesenko

Clinic North, Austria

Title: Short Term Clinical And Radiological Outcomes Using Custom Made Acetabular Cups In Revision Hip Arthroplasty


Background: With the rising number of primary hip arthroplasties, the number of revisions is equally increasing. The limited bone stock and the fact that previous surgeries themselves have already compromised soft tissues around the surgical field, have led to technological advances such as 3 D printed custom-made prosthesis in order to solve some of the above-mentioned problems, a surgeon has to face in revision hip surgery. Custom made implants seem to be a valuable option especially in reconstructing the acetabalur side as well as in recreating the center of rotation in revision hip arthroplasty and have shown promising results in the past. Objectives: Aim of our retrospective analysis is to report clinical and radiological outcomes after revision hip surgery with custom made acetabular shells. Study Design & Methods: Thin-layered CT scans were obtained prior to revision hip arthroplasty in order to produce the 3 D printed custom-made acetabular shell. We included 22 patients scheduled for revision hip arthroplasties. Postoperative clinical and radiological follow up was completed at 6 months, 12 months and 24 months respectively. Follow up included but was not limited to the"Oxford Hip Score", the "Harris Hip Score" and the range of motion. Adverse events such as infection or revisions for any reasons were recorded and further analyzed. Results: 22 patients have been included in our study, of which 13 patients have completed the 2 year and 4 patients the 1 year follow up, respectively. 5 patients were operated recently and are awaiting the 6 months follow up. Postoperative investigations showed a significant improvement of the clinical outcome parameters compared to preoperative measures. Radiological outcomes displayed a satisfying restoration of cup positioning and so far, no implant loosening was detected. Conclusions: Custom made implants are a liable and good option for challenging anatomical conditions in revision hip surgery. Compared to preoperative findings, postoperative data yield significantly better results.


Born in Carinthia, I ventured to Vienna for my studies, eventually specializing in orthopedic treatments, sports injuries, and accidents. I completed my residency in Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Orthopedic Hospital Gersthof and later at the Floridsdorf Clinic. In addition to my medical degree, I pursued further studies. Collaborating between the MedUni Vienna and the Center for Sports Science and University Sports at Schmelz, I earned a Master of Public Health (MPH) with a focus on athlete care, health promotion, and disease prevention. Subsequently, I obtained a Master's in Health Management (MBA) and a Master's in Advanced Orthopedics and Traumatology (MSc), emphasizing the latest scientific approaches to orthopedic and trauma cases. At the Floridsdorf Clinic, where I've been since its inception, I oversee 3D printing, a groundbreaking technology for printing body deformities and severe bone injuries. My work has been presented at various international conferences, including Leuven, Belgium. Beyond my medical career, I maintain an active lifestyle as a runner (HM 1:44:28) and cyclist. I hold a FIFA Diploma and, alongside Prof. Janousek, provide medical support to the First Vienna Football Club in Vienna.