Virtual Conference

Harun Dozic

General Hospital Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title: The predictive values of the functional status, comorbidities, and the types of treatment on the treatment outcomes in elderly patients following the hip fracture


We analyzed the data about the patients with the hip fractures treated in General Hospital Sarajevo in the period between 2006. – 2016. with the mean follow-up period between 34.3±4.9 months. The data included radiographs, age, comorbidities, functional status on admission, functional status on discharge, and follow-ups. Female sex, increasing age, and poorer functional status upon admission, conservative treatment, trochanteric fracture, the presence of neurological or lung disease, diabetes, were all significant risk factors leading to poorer functional outcomes on the latest follow-up (p < 0.05). On the other hand, the patients who were mobile upon admission had a longer survival (38.1±3.51 months) as compared with the other patients (12.3±5.1 months; ?2=25.202, p = 0.001). Besides, the results of this study revealed that the direct, statistically significant relationship exists between the untreated internal and neurological diseases, and increased mortality and poorer functional outcomes on the latest follow-up. These results are useful for the orthopedic and trauma surgeons, who are treating these patients, the physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, who are performing the rehabilitation of these patients, but also the health policy makers, who may promote the programmes of healthy aging (treating the diseases, maintaining fitness, etc.)


Harun Dozic graduated from medical faculty in 2008. He finished residency training in orthopedics and traumatology in 2013. PHD degree achieved in 2022. He has 5 years of experience as a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology. He is currently the head of the Department of Traumatology at the Sarajevo General Hospital. Participated in several domestic and international congresses. Speaker at the world orthopedic congress in Malaysia in 2022. In addition to locomotor system trauma, he also deals with hip and knee arthroplasty and limb correction and lengthening.