Track: Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle Surgery


Foot and ankle ailments comprise a spectrum of musculoskeletal issues. Research indicates concurrent abnormalities in alignment, mobility, weight distribution, and muscle functionality among those experiencing foot and ankle discomfort. Orthopedic units address non-urgent concerns through a range of remedies, encompassing medications, surgical procedures, and alternative treatments. Clinical investigations aim to define universal outcome measures to standardize treatments, encompassing pharmaceuticals, conservative methods, or surgery for adult subjects. However, current research lacks exploration into the differing supination resistances observed among various foot and ankle disorders.

·        Total Ankle Replacement
·        Foot & Ankle Conditions
·        Achilles Tendon Rupture
·        Ankle Sprain
·        Common Toe Deformities
·        Plantar Fasciitis
·        Bunion Surgery
·        Ankle Arthroscopy
·        Ankle joint replacement
·        Ankle Instability
·        Foot Reconstruction
·        Hand & Upper Extremity