Virtual Conference
Orthopedic 2022

Francisco Sobrino

Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery Service, Spain


Medical Doctor and Medical specialist at Traumatology and Orthopedic surgery, developing the professional career in the field of Sports & Dance Traumatology, Labor Traumatology, Arthroscopic surgery and musculoskeletal injuries Prevention. Doctor´s degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Madrid Complutense University of Madrid with the qualification of Outstanding Cum laude. Master in Musculoskeletal System Biomechanics and Medical Specialist in Clinical Anatomy and Functional Anatomy of the Knee. More than 60 Papers and Conferences. More than 20 articles published in national and international books and Scientific Journals. 4 awards at national and international Congresses. Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO. Member of the Spanish Scientific Society of Traumotology and Orthopedic Surgery, Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology, Spanish Society of Labor Traumotology. I have collaborated with the Spanish Athletic Federation, currently being Head of Health Department in Madrid City Council , Tutor Traumatologist in FREMAP Madrid, Traumatologist in the QUIRON Hospital Group in Madrid, Advisor and External Consultant in Surgery and Sports and Dance Traumatology at the Anglo-American Medical Unit in Madrid, as well as Consultant and Traumotology Advisor of Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance in Spain, and for the professional dancers of the main  Ballet Spanish companies. 

Research Interest